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Fisa intrare service
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Fisa service in limba romana
Versiunea full - necesita cheie de activare
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Proces verbal de iesire din service / factura

Cele mai importante 10 motive pentru a folosi CodecSoft

  1. Organizeaza activitatea service-ului dumneavoastra
    1. Foloseste o baza de date prietenoasa pentru a inregistra toate reparatiile
    2. Genereaza automat procesele verbale de intrare si iesire, fisele de reparatii si facturile, toate in concordanta cu reglementarile legale in vigoare conform ANPC
  2. Optimizeaza munca dvs
    1. Interfata pentru scanner de cod de bare, economisiti timp prin scanarea imei-ului
    2. Tipareste etichete pentru a fi lipite pe telefoanele ramase in service
  3. Usor de folosit
    1. Interfata programului este impartita in 3 categorii distincte: reparatii, deblocari si achizitii / vanzari
    2. Fiecare model de telefon este insotit de o fotografie, usor de recunoscut si selectat
  4. Protejeaza interesele firmei dvs
    1. Tine evidenta seriilor bateriilor si a altor accesorii eliminand situatiile in care clientii reclama incurcaturi create in service
    2. Poate inregistra poza clientului pentru o confirmare vizuala in momentul ridicarii aparatului
  5. Configurabil si flexibil
    1. Permite modificarea proceselor verbale si a facturilor dupa propriile preferinte
    2. Permite afisarea logo ului si detaliilor companiei pe documentele generate
    3. Permite configurarea tabelelor de defecte, reparatii, angajati, telefoane, etc
    4. Permite configurarea meniurilor programului prin redenumirea lor
  6. Programul este disponibil in diferite limbi
    1. CodecSoft este disponibil in Romanan,Engleza, Germana, Italiana, etc
    2. Permite traducerea lui in orice limba chiar de catre dvs
  7. Suport
    1. Suport tehnic 12 ore pe zi prin telefon si online.
  8. Este in total acord cu prevederile ANPC si este aprobat spre folosire de inspectorii ANPC
  9. Protectie a datelor prin functii de back up si restore.
  10. Pret accesibil

Features Review

CodecSoft is a standalone piece of software, operating on a single workstation which allows recording basic activities normally happening in a GSM Service Center throughout the working day, such as repair & unlock activities along with the customer information for each activity.

Once all the information has been entered, the software automatically creates a receipt for you to give to the customer. Each job entered into the software gets its own job ID, making it easier for you to track the phone throughout the repair process.

When the repair has been processed, the software then automatically creates an invoice. If your shop requires identification from the owner of a phone, or a proof of purchase before you service their handset then there is an option to input such information. This feature is also present in the module which handles the purchasing of phones from customers.

CodecSoft complies with latest UK regulations of the Crime Prevention Police Unit regarding recording any repairs/unlocks/purchases/sales of mobile phones and related products or services.

The software gives you the ability to digitally record information when purchasing or servicing phones. You can log information such as their name, address, telephone number and with the use of a digital camera/webcam take a photograph of the customer.

All of the forms created by the software have the option for a company disclaimer. This can cover information regarding payment for services, who is liable in the event of a handset becoming blacklisted and confirmation of ownership. All of which can be modified easily to suit your shops requirements.

CodecSoft has bar code scanner features and comes initialized with more than 600 phone models all with pictures, 46 of the most common faults, 30 service actions, different quality grades, different GSM operators and ID proof types.

All of the above can be edited, deleted or have new records created. For example, if a new phone is released on the market, you can manually update the phone on your software. The same applies for acceptable identification, you can change the default accepted ID to whichever identification your company wishes to accept.

CodecSoft is currently available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. If your language is not supported by the software, then you can create the language file for the software yourself with tools available in the support section. Any translations which are compiled, once e-mailed to us and been verified may be added to new releases of the software.

Using the same tools you will also be able to modify existing language packs to suit your own requirements, therefore giving you the ability to choose the appropriate wording to appear in the menus of the software. An example is by default, a repair entry is labeled as "Customer Phone Repair", this could be changed to "Repair" or any other word you see appropriate.

Product Information

CodecSoft manages:

o Customers
•  Full details on Name, Address, City, Postcode, Contact Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number
•  Customer's image ( .gif 150 x 180 pixels, requires digital camera at front desk )

o Repair Entries
•  Full details on IMEI, Brand, Model, Condition, Reason to repair ( fault ), Notes, Estimate Price
•  Battery SN, Flag for phone seen working
•  Customer repair receipt & Job label ( to be attached to the phone )

o Repair Returns
•  Full details on Work Carried Out, Technician, Job and Warranty
•  Customer repair invoice

o Unlock Entries
•  Full details on IMEI, Brand, Model, Condition, Current / Desired Operator, Notes, Estimate Price
•  Battery SN, Flag for phone seen working, Customer ID proof type and S/N
•  Customer unlock receipt & Job label ( to be attached to the phone )

o Unlock Returns
•  Full details on Work Carried Out, Technician, Job and Warranty
•  Customer unlock invoice

o Acquisitions from Customers
•  Full details on IMEI, Brand, Model, Condition, Original Operator, Purchased from, Notes
•  Battery SN, Flag for phone seen working, Customer ID proof type and S/N, Estimate Price
•  Reason for sale, when available in UK, online security CEIR check, Amount paid to customer
•  Customer purchase receipt & Phone label

o Sales to Customers
•  Full details on IMEI, Brand, Model, Condition, Current Operator, Charger, Simlock Open
•  Battery SN, Customer ID proof type and S/N, Amount paid by customer.
•  Customer sale invoice

o Reports
•  Separate reports for each type of job: Repairs, Unlocks and Sales
•  Filter by date, Customer Name, Customer ID, IMEI, Brand and Operation
•  Search by Customer Name, Customer ID, Hob ID, IMEI, Phone Model
•  Report on total income

o Customer Reports
•  Complete printable customer data sheet with address, ph number, photo, DOB, etc
•  Complete printable report on customers jobs split in repairs, unlocks, purchases and sales

o Configurations
•  Phone Brands & Models with picture 70x92 pixel
•  Users
•  Operators - initialized with all UK operators
•  Faults - initialized with 46 of most common faults
•  Quality grades - initialized with UK standard grades ( BER, A, B, C, etc )
•  ID Proof Types
•  Phone Status - initialized with Parts Exchange, Brand New, Used, etc
•  Actions carried out - initialized with 30 of most common service actions

o Other Features
•  Data base Back Up & Restore
•  Currency and Language configuration
•  Help & Users Manual - still under construction
•  Automatic Update Checker - still under construction

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